Meta Quest 3 vs Apple Vision Pro: Which One You Should Buy?

Both of the devices have next-gen technology. Meta Quest 3 was already launched in October by Mzuck, but, the Apple Vision Pro will launch this year, expected around June

So, without being biased, in this article, I’ll tell the difference and review between Meta Quest 3 vs Apple Vision Pro, and which should you buy.

Let’s first read about Meta Quest 3 Specs and Features, after that, we’ll move on to Apple Vision Pro, and at the end of this article, you’ll know which is better for you or which one to pick.

3 After a month of using the Meta Quest 3, I can say it’s much cooler than its predecessor. It is not thick and does not look like a large box on your face.

The three lines on the front make it look less creepy than the Apple’s eye display.

It also feels comfortable with a soft pad on your face, an adjustable strap for your head, and lenses that align with any distance of the eye. Plus you can wear your glasses with it.

This Meta Quest 3 has this neat pancake lens that gives you a wider view. 4.5 million pixels per eye for a sharp display even though it is not 4K like Apple Vision Pro. Still, it’s a visual treat!