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SiddharthNagar News: Who is getting Bansi’s Ramlila Maidan occupied

Ramlila Maidan Bansi: The Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh may be sensitive about Ram and Ram temple, but Ram Leela Maidan in Bansi tehsil of Siddharth Nagar district is dying under the control of land mafia. The Ramlila Maidan located at Bansi Mangal Bazar, which used to be resonating with the dialogues and music of the characters of Ramlila, is now groaning under the occupation of land mafia. But the tehsil administration is watching the spectacle with closed eyes.

The land mafia has encroached upon the Ramlila Maidan of about four and a half bighas. The Ramlila Committee has been trying for years to vacate it, till now the possession of the land mafia is intact. Regarding this, about 14 months ago, the then Deputy Collector Pramod Kumar had demarcated the present Naib Tehsildar and asked him to submit the investigation report, but that order has also been implemented.

Magalbazar Sabzi Mandi, located in Rapti Nagar Ward of Municipality Bansi, has a total area of 0.577 hectares marked in the name of Ram Leela and Bazar Jadid. In 1860, this area was reserved as Ramlila Maidan, but now the situation has changed.

Due to the apathetic attitude of the municipality, about four and a half bighas of land has shrunk to two bighas now, but even now the spirits of the encroachers are high. In this regard, Shambhu Kashyap, the acting chairman of the Ramlila Committee, says that several applications were given to the Sub-Divisional Officer, but no action was taken by the officials. On the orders of the Sub-Divisional Officer, once the Tehsildar was demarcated and instructed to submit the investigation report. Was given but the matter went in cold storage.

On the other hand, the residents of the municipality say that the encroachment on the instigation of the municipality is increasing continuously. It is claimed that if there was no co-operation of the responsible people of the municipality, this land would not have been occupied. When this was discussed with the sub-collector, he told that the investigation report has not been received yet. Action will be taken as soon as the report of the investigation is received.


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