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Janeshwar Mishra was an example of simplicity dedication says Mahendra Nath Yadav

Basti News: Former Union Minister Janeshwar Mishra, popularly known as Chhote Lohia among socialist thinkers, was remembered on his 90th birthday. Speakers remembered him in a seminar organized in association with Basti Sadar MLA and outgoing District President Mahendranath Yadav at the Samajwadi Party office on Saturday. Mahendranath Yadav said that he was a socialist till his last breath and was called the moving school of socialism. He always maintained simplicity in politics and gave highest respect to the workers. Young generation should take inspiration from his life struggle and political aim. Said that today when communal polarization is taking place in the country, we have to preserve our Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb, this will be a true tribute to a great leader like Janeshwar Mishra.

Rudhauli MLA Rajendra Chowdhary, Kaptanganj MLA Kavinder Chowdhary Atul while saluting Janeshwar Mishra said that due to the influence of Janeshwar Mishra, a large number of youths joined and socialist ideology got acceptance across the country. Sharing his memories, former MLA Rajmani Pandey said that Janeshwar Mishra had a special attachment with the township, whenever he used to come, he would try to meet everyone. Said that he had special respect for the workers. Simplicity was the specialty of his politics. He never did politics of show off and kept on giving voice to the suffering of the village, poor and common man from the road to the Parliament. His contribution will always be remembered.

Samajwadi Party leader Mo. Swaleh, Sameer Chaudhary, Kaptanganj Assembly  leader Ran Bahadur, Mo. of Basti Sadar. Salim, Mo. Umar and Javed Pindari, Surendra Singh Chhote, Chandrika Yadav, Arvind Sonkar, Indravati Shukla, Geeta Bharti, Mulayam Yadav, Mansharam Kannaujiya, Gagan Pandey etc. said that even after being Union Minister seven times, they neither had their own car Nor the bungalow. In his name, Asia’s largest beautiful park in Lucknow was built by former youth chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav with the inspiration of Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav. Such great men need to be remembered always.

In this episode, a monthly meeting of Samajwadi Party  was held in which emphasis was laid on expansion of booth committees, strengthening of the organization and struggle for issues of public interest. Leaving the BSP in the meeting, Taran Nath Tarush joined the SP along with his supporters.

Nirmal Singh, Rintu Yadav, Praveen Pathak, Ghulam Gaus, Pramod Yadav, Faujdar Yadav, Raghavendra Singh, Rajendra Yadav, Nizamuddin, Gaurishankar Yadav, Ghanshyam Yadav, Mohd. Ahmed Sajju, Ravi Gupta, Ram Suresh Yadav, R.D. Goswami, Hanuman Prasad Gaur, Sanjay Gautam, Irshad Ahmed, Dhirsen Nishad, Ram Singh Yadav, Rajwant Yadav along with many Samajwadi Party officials were involved.


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