Red Cross initiative: DM distributed nutritional materials, blankets among tuberculosis patients

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Basti News: On Saturday, as per the wish of His Excellency the Governor, the District Magistrate and President of the Red Cross Society, Andra Vamsi, in the District Tuberculosis Hospital, distributed nutritional items as per the standard, peanuts, roasted gram, sattu, jaggery, gajak and blankets along with Chyawanprash to the tuberculosis patients adopted by the Red Cross Society. Was distributed.

District Magistrate Andra Vamsi said that eradication of tuberculosis is possible with public cooperation. The initiative of Red Cross Society is commendable.

While conducting the program, Sardar Kulvendra Singh said that many works are done in public interest by the Red Cross Society. Told that in view of the cold, blankets will be distributed among the characters at night. During the distribution of nutrition material, CMS of TB Hospital Dr. Ram Prakash, Dr. A.K. Verma, Dr. R. Of. Verma, Dr. Mehboob Alam, Gauhar Ali Akhilesh Chaturvedi were present. Red Cross Society member Dr. V.K. Along with Verma, Rajendra Singh Rajwat, Kuldeep Singh, Ladley Haider Rizvi, Shyam Narayan Chaudhary, Vimal Pandey, Afzal Hussain, Rahul Modi, Qazi Farzan, Sardar Dipendra Singh Advocate, Aditya, Saurabh Yadav, Chunna Prasad, Sainik Kumar, Ayush Singh. Sana Khatoon, Khushboo Yadav, Sufia Azam, Soni Choudhary and Alfia Parvez etc. were present.

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