Basti News: Condolences on the demise of educationist And Ex Prof. Of APN PG Basti Raghavendra Krishna Pratap

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Basti News:  Educationist, author of several books, APN P.G. There is a wave of mourning due to the demise of Raghavendra Krishna Pratap, Head of the Department of College Education.

He died on August 3 during his treatment in Delhi. On Saturday, the Senior Citizens Welfare Committee, in association with Advocate Shyam Prakash Sharma, organized a tribute meeting in the Collectorate premises, discussed their contribution and paid homage.

Senior litterateur Satyendranath ‘Matwala’, Dr. Ramkrishna Lal ‘Jagmag’ said that he was a complete teacher and the students educated under his guidance are adding pride to the country and the world today. His untimely death is a great loss to education and literature.

Those who paid tribute included Dr. Afzal Hussain Afzal, Vinay Kumar Srivastava, B.K. Mishra, B.N. Shukla, Chandrabali Mishra, Om Prakash Dhar Dwivedi, Peshkar Mishra, Santosh Kumar Srivastava, Raghavendra Shukla, Dr. Ajit Srivastava, Krishna Chandra Pandey, Pradeep Kumar Srivastava, Dinanath Yadav, Ganesh Prasad, Nebulal, Azmat Ali Siddiqui etc. Thrown light on. At the end, by keeping silence for two minutes, paid humble tribute.

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