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Basti Crime News: Asked money for cooking, Men implicated in a fake case In munderwa

Munderwa (Basti) . Shiv Kumar Gaur, a resident of Hallaur Nagra of Munderwa police station area, has given a letter to the District Magistrate and Superintendent of Police, pleading for justice. Shiv Kumar has said in the letter that he does the work of cooking food etc. Hanuman’s son Ramkalesh Dharia, a resident of Munderwa police station area, a sweeper and village head representative, took him to Lucknow to get him food. After completion of the program, Rs 5000 was left, which was asked to be given later.

When Shivkumar demanded Rs.5000 dues, he gave the money while threatening Shivkumar but warned that he will ruin your life by filing a false case. According to Shivkumar, Hanuman Dharia filed a fabricated case against him for assault and harassment of Dalits under sections 323, 504, 506 of Bhadvi and Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Prevention of Atrocities Act 3 (1) d.

By giving a letter signed by many villagers, Shiv Kumar Gaur has said that he is completely innocent, proper action should be taken against Hanuman Dharia who filed a false case after investigation.


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